Hand Crafted Customer Care
  • At IPE every customer is treated according to their individual needs.  Personalized attention and superior customer service take priority in all facets of our business.  We specialize in getting what you need, when you need it, and at the best price possible.

    With over 100 years of combined experience in the Industrial and Aerospace Test Markets, our staff is well prepared to discuss your supply chain needs, market strategy, procurement plan, overhaul schedule or MRO forecast.

    IPE takes great pride in providing personal attention and exceptional customer service. Our hand crafted customer care will fuel your success. We want to understand your requirements and your goals. With this understanding we can focus over 100 years of combined expertise on your project, delivering the solutions you need. See for yourself why our customers have been doing business with us for over 15 years.   
Supply Chain Strategies
  • IPE is a full service provider of supply chain solutions. Many of our customers engage in the use of comprehensive programs, including annual purchasing plans and adherence to quality compliance guidelines. IPE stands ready to deliver convenience, accountability and speed that defines our core values and commitment to our customers.
Light Manufacturing Capabilities
  • At IPE we are able to facilitate a wide range of custom manufacturing needs. Meeting client specifications and quality requirements are what we do. Whether you need a customized bracket, bolt, nut, or special fastener, IPE has the resources to efficiently quote, manufacture and deliver what you need. For further information, please contact one of our sales representatives.

Overhaul & Repair
  • Whether scheduled or unplanned, IPE processes repair orders for a variety of commodities, such as gas shut off valves, pneumatic starters, pumps and hydraulic/pneumatic hoses. If you need assistance with an overhaul or repair please contact a qualified sales representative.
Kitting & Custom Label Packaging
  • We offer kitting services and custom label/packing options that complement our products. This includes both custom assembly for one time kits as well as scheduling repetitive kit production. From the time you contact us to the moment of delivery, our attention to detail will help you save time, money and resources. At IPE, our focus is quality and efficiency every step of the way.
Customized Services
  • We understand the importance to meet and beat manufacturing deadlines. From beginning to end, IPE will make every effort to provide efficient service that is personalized to your needs. Be sure to ask a sales representative about what types of additional client-centric services we have to offer. 

    At IPE we specialize in modifying and manufacturing fasteners. We can assist with bolt design and creation based upon your drawings or specifications. We also perform support services such as bolt & stud cutting (to length), plating, coating and drilling (for safety or lock wire). Additional services range from overhaul & repair to light manufacturing and kitting.

    Our helpful staff analyzes every order and can readily identify equivalent parts based on predetermined features. A hallmark of our commitment to customer service is our ability to offer many options to our customers alongside their original request. This often leads to saving our customers time and money.