IPE specializes in supplying aerospace hardware and tools for ground based turbine testing. From commercial fasteners and fittings, to mil spec hardware, (NAS, MS, AN, BAC, BAW, AA) we pride ourselves on finding the materials and equipment you need to complete your turbine or test cell.

At IPE we also offer many support services that accompany the parts and equipment we distribute. If you have questions allow one of our highly trained sales representatives to assist you.

Piping, Fittings & Valves
Aerospace Spares, Aerospace Fasteners, Industrial Fasteners, Kitting, Aerospace metals, Aerospace Equipment
Electrical Connectors
Aerospace Fasteners, Deutsch, Amphenol, Glenair, Fisher Connectors, ARINC, DS07
Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Parker Fittings, Flanges, hydraulic, pneumatic, valve, coupling, union, Industrial Parts, Industrial Equipment, Aerospace Fittings
Testing & Diagnostic Equip.
Bacharach, Thermometers, Barometers, Voltmeter, Thermocouple