About IPE

IPE is a global supplier in the aerospace and industrial market, providing products and services to customers for industrial applications and ground based testing. IPE services a diverse client base that includes light manufacturing plants and the U.S. Military.

We specialize in supplying mil-spec and aerospace hardware, fittings, wire, cable, electrical connectors, hoses, filters, bearings, tools, test equipment and safety supplies. For a complete listing, please visit the products or services portion of our website. 

Professional service, reliability, and attention to detail, are IPE's core values. Our staff members are far more than sales representatives, they are problem solvers with intimate knowledge of products and applications. IPE staff members maintain constant communication with clients to meet or exceed delivery deadlines. Staffers also advise customers on alternative part numbers and reviewing drawing specifications. 

With strong ties to domestic and global suppliers, our network allows us to quickly source the parts you need. Your project deadline is our deadline too. IPE has carved out a niche by efficiently distributing rare parts and uncommon equipment, offering many support services to accompany the products we offer. 

For over 17 years our values have continued to shape the IPE that exists today. We remain a corporate affilate of CH2M with a committment to service, reliability and attention to detail. 

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