• Fasteners

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    IPE sales representatives are familiar with the following part standards: AN, AS, MS, NA, NAS, BAC (Boeing), GE series “J” and “R” parts. These fasteners are made from various alloys including commercial grade steel (5, 8 &10.9 steel), stainless steel (300 series) and special high strength alloys such as Waspaloy, Hastelloy, Inconel, and A286.

    Custom manufactured fasteners are also an option as well as drilling for safety lock wire. IPE also accepts small production runs. Below is a list of our most common fastener types. If you still can't find what you are looking for, please consider contacting one of our sales representatives.


    • Bolts
      •   12-point
      •   Hex Head
      •   Eye Bolts
      •   Flat Head
      •   Mil-Spec
      •   Shoulder


      •   10-point
      •   12-point
      •   Castellated
      •   Heavy Hex
      •   Hex Barrel
      •   Nut Plates



      •   Commercial
      •   Industrial
      •   Mil-Spec


      Dowel Pins
    Hi-Loc Pins

    Hi-Loc Collars


    •   Threaded
    •   Wired

    Lock Wire


    Set Screws

    Spacers & Standoffs


    Threaded Rod

    • Washers
      •   Belleville Washers
      •   Flat Washers
      •   Lock Washers
      •   Mil-Spec
      •   Sealing Washers
      •   Self Locking
      •   USS & SAE