• Light Manufacturing

    Water Jet, Tooling, Cold forge, hot forge, metal press, sheet steel, steel rod, steel bar



    At IPE we are able to facilitate your custom manufacturing needs. Meeting client specifications and quality requirements are what we do. Whether you need a customized bracket, bolt, nut, special fastener, or drilled fasteners, IPE has the resources to efficiently quote, manufacture and deliver what you need. Listed below are just some of the manufacturing services IPE provides. If you have questions about our capability or would like to submit a drawing for review, please contact a sales representative.



    • Blueprint/Drawing Interpretation
    • Custom Metalworking
    • Coating, Plating, Treating
    • Metallurgic Testing
    • Stripping
    • Weldments
    • Threading/Rolled Threading
    • Brackets
    • Enclosures
    • Frames
    • Linkages
    • Drilled Fasteners